“Mario Messina Massage was my introduction to touch therapy. By working with Mario for 8 months, I have truly come to understand the meaning of wellness and, more importantly, know how it feels.

Stress and anxiety following the death of my husband had really impacted my health, physically and emotionally. Conventional medicine helped, yet controlling symptoms didn’t provide me the level of health I wanted. That’s when I started seeing Mario. The bodywork he offers is so extensive that he was able to develop a course of treatment for me that combined massage with other alternative therapies that has improved my physical well-being and restored by emotional strength. Each session with Mario is like a power surge that so energizes your entire being you practically float out of his office.

I also now realize how inadequately I’d been caring for myself. I hadn’t realized how much energy was being drained away from me every day from stress, anxiety and poor sleep. With Mario’s assistance, I have also learned practices to calm and relax both my mind and body to alleviate my anxiety and reduce the impact that daily stresses have on my physical and mental well-being. I also no longer suffer from sleep disorders. I am getting very restfull sleep and am able to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

As I gain more awareness of the mind-body connection through Mario’s work, I am seeing other ways I can contribute to my own health and well-being through the choices I make in every aspect of my live, from how I eat to how I spend my free time. It is so much easier to make other lifestyle changes when you are feeling so well.  Mario has been a tremendous resource for me and I am continuing to work with him indefinitely as a personal commitment to my health.”

Betsy R.

“I’ve worked with Mario since Jan 2011 and have received both massages and Bowenwork from him.  For massage, Mario has the strength and knowledge to provide a deep, satisfying massage. He has many tools to enhance his service – like heated rocks, paraffin dips, tuning forks, knowledge of trigger points and and uncanny intuition of the true origins of my pain. After several massages, I tried Bowenwork with Mario. I trusted his work to explore a healing method I had never heard of. A-maze-ing! Bowenwork itself is subtle and profound.

Mario’s knowledge is extensive and personal; he knows a specific treatment for every trouble I have. For decades, I’ve clenched my jaw; nothing has relieved the tension even for a short time. After the first session, my jaw stayed relaxed and pain-free for weeks. Since then, I’ve challenged Mario with my chronic tendinitis, lower back pain, and an extensive work-related injury involving my shoulders, upper back, and neck. The results are profound. No other treatment has come close to the results I’ve seen in decreased pain and increased mobility. While Bowenwork is a significant factor in these results, Mario’s style and knowledge are equally important.

I’ve already mentioned he knows a technique for any injury or pain; but he also understands the importance of the body integrating the work. He knows that too much change can traumatize the body. Furthermore, he always has food or water, a blanket, or just a quiet space to ease the transition from the therapy table back to the “real world.” Above and beyond this, Mario also directs his attention to my health and emotional state, climate and seasonal factors, and other personal concerns.Mario is a healer of the highest level. I’ve encouraged friends and family of all body and personality types to make an appointment with Mario and I hope the readers of this testimonial will also.”

Cyndy P.

“I have been a weekly client of Mario’s off and on for over two years receiving a combination of massage and energy healing necessary due to ongoing issues I’ve had with my neck and lower back as a result of a head injury over 11 years ago. Mario’s deep tissue massages have been wonderful for reducing the tension in my muscles, and the energy healing has simultaneously calmed my nerves and my soul too. My work is very stressful, and I can honestly say that Mario’s treatments have gotten me through some very tough moments! I feel completely relaxed, pain-free and totally calm after each session. I recommend Mario 100% as a heart-centered, spiritual and effective hands-on healer.”

Carol K. R.

“I have been Mario’s client for eleven plus years and have not had to look for another one. The benefits of Mario’s massages are long lasting. He has great awareness of the body and its power to heal. Mario is professional, respectful and attentive. I always leave rejuvenated and refer all my friends and family to him without hesitation.”

Nita S., Program Director, Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon

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